June Blog

Welcome to June 2019! Right smack in the middle of the year and summer time is upon us!

Jesus sat down by a well one time and was tired from His journey. A women came to draw water and Jesus began to speak to her. She was spiritually thirsty, she was spiritually worn out, in great need. She didn’t even know what great need she was in, but she was in great need of the salvation and peace Jesus had to offer! You may know the story well or maybe this is the first time you’re reading about it.

In the Bible, the book of John and chapter 4, Jesus is traveling. He’s walking. He’s worn out from His travels and He asked a lady for a drink of water. The lady was floored that He even recognized her being at the well because it wasn’t custom for Jews to recognize a Samaritan. Soon into the conversation, Jesus shifted the topic to the fact she needed the ever lasting water that He offers. By the end of their discussion, she was a believer in Jesus and became full to overflowing with blessings from on High.

That woman ran to town and by the end of the story the entire town of Sychar became believers in Christ Jesus.

This summer, you’ll undoubtedly become tired and thirsty. When you do, reach to the Heavens and God will replenish you with rest, peace, comfort and joy. So much so, your cup will over flow with fresh cool living water from on High.

Be blessed!

Pastor Tom

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